RT2BR Arms LLC supports, encourages, and enables the safe and lawful ownership, sales, transfers and use of firearms.

We are a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, and our citizens' Right To Bear Arms and have named our company in a manner we hope emphasizes that.

Rather than stock firearms in an inventory for sale, we promote the purchase of firearms from sellers with a web or other remote presence and enable the lawful local transfer of those firearms to the individual making the purchase.

A wide variety of firearms are advertised for sale on the internet on auction sites and gun forums, in printed and electronic classified ads, and from many major retail operations. In compliance with federal law, when firearms are purchased and delivered across a state line they must be transferred via a FFL dealer – and that is the service we provide. It makes no difference if the seller is an individual or a licensed dealer, the transfer must be through a FFL dealer at the destination.

The destination FFL dealer completes the appropriate federal paperwork and runs a background check through the Federal NICS system. The buyer may then take possession of the firearm. (Note: In South Carolina, persons who have a SC CWP have already passed a higher level background check and the NICS check is not required but the paperwork is).

It is our intention to offer these destination transfer services for a reasonable fee to promote the lawful purchase of firearms by all eligible individuals.

Additionally we will offer assistance in locating a specific firearm that an individual may be seeking, and may offer recommendations on firearms suitable for a specific purpose. We expect in most cases that individuals will negotiate for and purchase their firearms directly from the seller. When we get involved in the purchase transaction the markup to cover our expenses and a moderate profit may hinder our ability to compete on price – so while we are willing, this is not the focus of our business.

Federal Law allows direct firearms sales between individual residents of the same state. So anyone who lawfully owns a firearm may lawfully sell it to another resident of the same state. In South Carolina where this business is located, there is one state condition on those private sales between state residents:

There is a burden on the seller to assure that the purchaser is able to lawfully own a firearm. Otherwise it is like any other private sale.